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Are recruitment agencies a thing of the past?

Most companies have at least one social media presence, a ‘Careers’ section on their website and the use of many job boards on which to advertise – so why do job seekers still look to recruitment agencies for their next appointment?  The same question can be addressed from the other side of the field – why do most employers still favour an external recruiter over bringing recruitment in-house?

Because why work when someone better qualified can do it for you?

The following are some of the reasons why recruitment agencies are still a ‘necessary evil’ (an endearing term sometimes used to describe agencies):

From a job seeker's perspective:

  • The right agency can open doors – Agencies build strong relationships with decision makers and hiring managers which means they can represent job seekers to companies in a way that a ‘Careers’ form on a website isn’t able to.

  • Agencies are likely to have a wider knowledge of suitable opportunities than a job seeker who may have a clear idea of the job they want but aren’t sure which of the local companies, that offer the position, are currently looking. Because recruiters spend their time maintaining their knowledge of current and new vacancies, they can get you in the door before a job advert has been published.

  • A recruiter is on your side – They can give you interview tips, information about the company (and interviewer) and will be there to help you through what can be a daunting process for many.

From a company’s perspective:

  • Filtered Results – Employers generally receive filtered results from recruitment agencies when compared to countless applications a job advert can attract. Wading through the many CVs can be a very time demanding task and, if the company doesn’t have their own recruiter, it falls to the hiring manager to sift through all these, often optimistic, applications.

  • Passive Candidates – In addition to their database of applicants, a recruiter will also have a wide network of candidates who not ‘currently in the market’ but who are interested in hearing of opportunities even though they aren’t actively using job-boards.

  • A recruiter can become a personal, external, brand ambassador – By learning about the business, what works for you and what you look for in new employees, they can keep an eye open for the right candidate to ensure it is a hand to glove transaction.

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences and suggestions on this subject; and if you’re considering new opportunities then head over to where you will find an extensive list of current vacancies as well as some other helpful guides and templates in our member’s area.


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